An advanced
open to all students

ULTRA FACTORY is an advanced makerspace providing technical support for production and fabrication, available for the use of all students at Kyoto University of the Arts. Led by artist Kenji Yanobe as director, and with the motto “anything that can be imagined can be realized” (even huge sculptures and motor cars), it supports a multitude of technologies for production, experimentation, and research, offers a wide range of equipment and materials, including the requirements for everything from working metal, wood, and plastic to silkscreen printing and digital fabrication, and provides technical staff, as well.

Practical education
programs involving
top creators

Ultra Factory conducts project-based practical education programs called Ultra Projects in which artists and designers working at the cutting edge are invited to turn a professional workplace into a venue for learning. Students can directly observe the process by which creators produce and present their works, and experience up close their thinking, production techniques, and the approaches they adopt when tackling projects.