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Photo by Kenryou Gu

Ultra Factory is an advanced makerspace providing technical support for production and fabrication, available for the use of Kyoto University of the Arts students of all academic years and from all departments. Making available a range of equipment and facilities, it has expert technical staff onsite at all times and provides technical support and production consultations for issues such as how to work materials and use the machines. To ensure each studio is used safely, a license system is in place, requiring users to obtaining appropriate licenses before using the studio. There are four floors, with different license requirements for the studios on each floor. The following illustration shows which licenses are required to use each floor.

Facilities and

  • Ultra Basic License

Creating data, digital fabrication, simple workshop tasks, painting, photographing, printing, etc.

  • Ultra Basic License
  • Screen printing License

Screen printing and drypoint.

  • Ultra Basic License
  • Metals and Plastics License

Metalworking, welding, plastic molding, painting, and large-scale construction.

  • Ultra Basic License
  • Woodwork License

Woodwork, wood sawing, CNC machining, and wood carving.

Process for
obtaining licenses

In order to obtain a license, students take a license course run by Ultra Factory. The Ultra Basic License has been established as a license that is common to all floors to ensure that work is undertaken safely. The S41 studio on the fourth floor of Shiseikan can be used by obtaining the Ultra Basic License. In order to use other facilities in addition to the S41 studio, the license course established for each floor must be taken in addition to obtaining the Ultra Basic License.

  • If you are an exchange student who wishes to use the studio, please attend the Ultra Factory Basic Guidance session that is held for exchange students before classes begin. Attending the Basic Guidance session will allow you to use the S41 digital fabrication studio.

Ultra Basic License course

Anyone wishing to use an Ultra Factory studio must take the Ultra Basic License course. The studios have a lot of equipment and materials that are highly dangerous, and with which slight inattentiveness can lead to injury or damage. This course teaches the perspective to take and important things to keep in mind in order to work safely, without injury or accidents, and the basic processes of digital fabrication. This course can be taken at any time.

Other license courses

The other licenses teach the appropriate way to use the studios on each floor, important things to keep in mind for safety, and the basics regarding the work process there and knowledge regarding materials and techniques. Each course is conducted according to a schedule that is established for that particular license. In the following cases, the licenses required to use the floors for screen printing, metals and plastics, etc. may be obtainable without talking the specific license course.

  • Major subjects: Major subject courses completed include technical skills equivalent to or greater than the specific license course
    (Ask your department if your subjects allow you to obtain a license.)
  • Ultra Projects: Project participation has included technical training and practical experience equivalent to or greater than the specific license course.
  • Individual qualifications: Independently obtained technical qualifications, such as a welding license, may exempt the holder from the license course
    (Ask Ultra Factory for details.)

Studio reservations
and consultations

After obtaining a license, discuss your intentions with staff and make a reservation to use a studio. This process is required in order to fit in with classes and other studio users, confirm safety issues, and be given advice about production, such as what preparations are needed and what data to create. Questions about studios and production consultations can be made before you obtain a license. Reservations to use a studio and production consultations are conducted online via Zoom.

  • If you are an exchange student, inquire directly at the Ultra Factory office.

Zoom consultations and reservations

Tuesday – Friday 14:30-17:30

  • During long-term school breaks, consultations via Zoom will be available Wednesday through Friday due to the facility being closed for maintenance on Tuesdays.
  • Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.

Process for production consultations
or reservations to use a studio

  • 1
    Log into Google using your university account (your @st.kyoto-art.ac.jp email address), access the Consultation / Reservation Form, enter the pertinent information, and submit the form.
  • 2
    Access Zoom using the URL received after submitting the form, have your consultation with the staff member in charge, and make arrangements to use the studio.
  • 3
    Make your reservation during the call after having confirmed the time and date when you will use the studio.
  • 4
    Come to the facility on the day of your reservation after having prepared everything required for your work.
  • When making arrangements, carefully communicate the specific details of how you will use the studio.
  • Staff members will provide a lecture about the proper methods and procedures for using equipment, materials, and the facilities the first time you use them.
  • As a general rule, studios cannot be used on the same day you apply to use them.

Contact for inquiries

Ultra Factory Office (Shotaro Tokuyama, Shion Urata)
HoursWeekdays 10:00 – 18:00 (Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.)