Conceptual sketch by Kenji Yanobe before Ultra Factory opened in 2008

A collaborative
for testing
creative ideas and
turning them into reality

Established in June 2008 at Kyoto University of the Arts (formerly Kyoto University of Art and Design) as a center providing specialized education available nowhere else and aimed at improving technical and thinking skills, Ultra Factory is an advanced makerspace providing technical support for production and fabrication, and conducting education programs that students in all the university’s departments can join.

It began with two studios on separate floors, one for metalworking and plastic molding and the other for woodwork. A silkscreen studio was added on another floor in 2017, followed by a digital fabrication studio on another floor in 2018, resulting in the current four-floor configuration.

Through various hands-on projects such as Ultra Projects, which feature artists and designers working at the cutting edge, and with artist Kenji Yanobe as the director, Ultra Factory aims to foster people who can work with an awareness of social issues while possessing the creativity and aesthetic sense of artists, as well as the technical mastery and passion for creation of artisans.

Ultra Factory is a place for practicing creative thinking and research, as well as a makerspace where creative and experimental ideas can be turned into reality.


Keep the following in mind
when participating in Ultra Projects.

  • Witness!
    In Ultra Projects, guest artists and designers produce their own works at Ultra Factory. Witness firsthand the actual techniques employed in their works.
  • Experience!
    Ultra Projects are a platform for producing works for public exhibitions and the commercial market. Experience true professionalism by becoming supporting staff.
  • Absorb!
    You can absorb what you witness and experience, from work ethics to techniques, and unleash your creative energy.
  • Work Together!
    Deploy your expanding creative energy as you interact with and work together with guest artists and designers. Such creative encounters inspire the professionals to further creativity. These explosions of creativity also draw in and motivate management specialists and other people involved in the arts, and have the potential to boost movements that can transform society.

The door is open!
Gather together, students!

Kenji Yanobe,Director ULTRA FACTORY

Facility Information

S21 Carry-in entrance
NA021 Woodwork / Wood carving
NA021 Wood Sawing
S21 Interior view
S32 Screen printing / Drypoint
S41 3D Printer Area
S41 Meeting Area
S41 Kitchen
S41 Digital Fabrication
S41 Computer Area
S41 Entrance
Hours During term time, when classes are in-session Tuesday – Friday 14:30-19:30 Saturday 10:30-17:30
  • Facility hours may change due to class scheduling.
Off-term, when classes are not in-session Wednesday – Saturday 10:30-17:30
Days the acility is closedSundays, Mondays, and national holidays
  • The facility may close without notice at other times due to KUA events.
  • During summer and spring break, the facility is also closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.
LocationShiseikan (2F-4F) and Ningenkan (B2F)
Kyoto University of the Arts
2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8271 Japan
ContactTel: +81-75-791-8482
Email: ultrafactory@office.kyoto-art.ac.jp

Floor Map

Shiseikan 4FS41

  • 1
  • 2
    3D Printer Area
  • 3
  • 4
    Meeting Area
  • 5
    PC Area (Graphics, 3D Modeling)
  • 6
    Digital Fabrication (Laser Cutting machine, UV Printer, Digital Embroidery Machine, etc.)
  • 7
    Large-format Inkjet Printing
  • 8
  • 9
    Assembly Area
  • 10
    Paint Booth

Shiseikan 3FS32

  • 1
    Screen Printing
  • 2

Shiseikan 2FS21

  • 1
    Metalworking, Welding
  • 2
    Large-scale Construction
  • 3
    Plastic Molding
  • 4
    Spray Painting
  • 5
    Meeting Area
  • 6
    Locker Rooms

Ningenkan B2FNA021

  • 1
  • 2
    Wood Carving
  • 3
    CNC Machining
  • 4
    Wood Sawing